Tuesday, January 6, 2009

You Wanted Two Kids

That's the Husband says everytime I start to complain, err, I mean, tell him about the kids' day. "You wanted two kids." Thanks, Hon.
As I was sitting here today - just a few moments ago - trying to get some data entry work accomplished, I could hear Budha screeching and crying at Bug, and then Bug yelling "stop pinching me". Turns out he was sitting in her rocking chair and wouldn't get out. After a few minutes, Bug finally got his own chair and sat in it. They hugged and kissed. Now all is right with the world. . . for at least five minutes . . . maybe . . . hopefully . . . please.


  1. Amongst all the fights, there is nothing quite like the sibling hugs and kisses. My girls do this quite often ;).

  2. Having more than one is so hard. It really is. What was I thinking adding another? LOL

    :--) Nell