Saturday, January 10, 2009

What a Week!

*Warning - parts of this post are not for those with weak constitutions, aka it gets gross.*

This week started off innocently enough. Bug started back to school - not by choice - with a 90 minute delay on Monday morning. I woke up with a sinus cold, but I muddled my way through it even getting a training workout in at the gym. Tuesday morning, I woke up and the cold had made it's way down to my chest. Not so much fun for someone prone to asthma. Went through the day with minimal problems. Got the kids ready for bed. Everyone was bathed and giving hugs good night, when Budha's stomach contents exploded - all over Bug and the couch. Dad was of no help; "I think I'm going to be sick" was his exact comment. I sent him off to help Bug and have him re-shower. I cleaned up Budha's clothes, and then gave her to Dad for her re-bath. I then took to cleaning up the living room. The weird thing was what she threw up was the dinner she had from the previous night, nothing that she had eaten that evening or even from that day. So we got everyone cleaned up and in bed, and Budha's stomach exploded again. This time I had a towel handy. Dad came running with a trash can. Ok - do you really think I can get a 17 month old to stay still and puke over a trash can? Cleaned up that mess, not as big this time. Got her to cuddle with me - really not an issue for her as she was wiped out. But within a 1/2 hour she was puking again, except this time there was nothing left in her little belly except some bile. No fever. It's 10:00 at night. I opted to not take her to the emergency room. Partially because of the no fever, and I know there's been a bug going around, and partially because of the weather. The ice storm has started. With the way things are going we'd probably end up all going to the ER as the result of a car accident.
So I clean up everything again, and get her to go back to sleep. That lasts for about an hour. This is how the whole night goes. I stayed awake all night to watch her and "catch" any more puke - though there was nothing left in her stomach to puke.
Wednesday morning - no school due to ice storm. Everyone home. Budha acts as if nothing happened, though she is tired and doesn't feel like eating. She seems to be over it. By dinner I get her to eat some toast, crackers and water. Thursday - I still have the chest cold; 90 minute delay for school; I'm exhausted from no sleep the night before. Friday - I wake up in the middle of the night with stomach cramps and naseau. Stomach bug take 2 - my turn. I'm feeling so crappy that I don't even take Bug to school. Probably better - at least he's able to help me keep an eye on Budha since I spend much of the day in the bathroom. Saturday - I wake up with a killer headache and a little bit of a stomach ache but feeling much better - both the stomach and the chest cold. Husband - "I'm not feeling so well." Stomach bug take 3. . .


  1. Oh my goodness you poor thing! What a week is right. You deserve a day at the spa or massage parlor or something! Jeez. I hope that all the sickies have now passed and won't come back. Sounds like it's been rough around there. Take care.

  2. A hot stone massage sounds perfect. Hey - I do have a coupon from the place my husband and I go to sometimes because it was my birthday. Oh, but no so such luck, I got out of the shower this morning to Bug - who I though just might have an iron stomach - saying "Mommy," sure sign something's wrong, "I don't feel so well." Oh well.