Monday, February 2, 2009

This Is Why. . .

This is why I call this blog "Of Cheerios and Conference Calls", a perfect example. I don't use my checkbooks much. Most bill paying and balancing I do on the internet, so I don't write out a lot of checks. Because of this my checkbook is usually in one of two places - my purse or my desk drawer. Well, this morning I was pretty frantic for about an hour. I couldn't find the house checkbook anywhere. Husband's business checkbook - check. My business checkbook - check. Line of credit checkbook - check. House checkbook - no check. I have no idea where it went. Double checked the car to see if it might have fallen out when I went to the bank last week. Not there. Tore the kitchen apart in case someone (um, Husband) took it out of my purse. Not there. Tore my desk apart in case I missed it in the first look. Not there. Went through Buddha's diaper bag - you never know. Not there. OMG - Husband is going to pitch a fit if I really lost it. Let me check one more place, my laptop bags. Not in the first one. Okay - don't panic, look in the second one. Oh, wait, what's in this outside pocket? The checkbook! Gee I wonder who put it in there. Oh, and look what else is in here - a handful of cheerios. I attempt to reprimand her for taking Mommy's checkbook. But come on, how much can you really reprimand a 17 month old especially when she keeps saying "Momma" over and over and making a kissy face to you.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Catching Up

I can't seem to catch a break this year. I'm glad one month is done with and out of the way. My computer crashed. The computer that has not only all my various work related items, our household / personal information, and my husband's business proposals and contracts - crashed. What's that saying from Forrest Gump? Stupid is as stupid does. Well, stupid me, listened to my poor, poor son beg to play a new virtual game he got with a diecast car. Here's the "stupid does" part. I downloaded it onto my computer. As I was clicking away with my mouse, I knew it was a bad, bad idea. Oh, boy, I didn't know just how bad! And what was the worst part was my virus protection didn't catch it. UGGHH! So it meant a week down and about $175 out of my pocket. But the good thing was I caught it in time before the virus was able to do any real damage to my files. Thank goodness. I know it could have been much, much worse But now I'm $175 in the hole - not too bad considering I upgraded memory and got new virus protection plus labor - and a week behind not only in my work but my husband has a bunch of proposals and contracts to get done too. Well, I could look at it this way - my fingers got a week's worth of rest so I should be all set to start typing away nice and fresh tomorrow morning.