Sunday, December 21, 2008

Santa's List

A blogging/WAHM friend of mine, Nell, over at Casual Friday Everyday, posted a blog about one of her son's list to Santa. It got me thinking about my son's list to Santa. We both have the same concerns - we don't want our children disappointed Christmas morning. Bug's list to Santa this year included a quad - real, gas powered one - and a $300 RC truck kit. Even if this had been a good year financially, I don't think Santa still would have bought those items.
Every year it's the same thing - how to teach Bug that Christmas is not about the presents he gets, but rather what we can give to others and being together with family. This year I've had him actively participate with me in donating what we could to others. For instance, the grocery store does a "giving tree" for the local boys & girls club. I had him pick the child's name this year. And then there was a local family last weekend that had all their presents stolen out of their car. When Bug and I were discussing it, he said "Well, what are we going to give them?". I must admit I was trying to steer our conversation that way, but he got the idea. He thought that one was pretty cool because Mom got interviewed on the news, and Bug kept popping his head around the corner and got in a couple of shots.
This I'm sure of - Bug is definitely understanding the real meaning of Christmas. Sure - I know he'll be a bit disappointed Christmas morning, but it won't last long, and I'll remind him of the real meaning of Christmas.

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